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Givlife connects the struggling and disenfranchised in the Cannington area with life giving support mechanisms. We listen to understand, without judgement and walk alongside those who need support until we see lives lifted from loss and ongoing deprivation and changed by giving renewed hope to rise above their circumstances.

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Community support

Our Community Assistance programs work with men and women struggling with family relationships, employment and personal identity. We provide food and fuel vouchers each year worth $2,000, home help to lone men and women and struggling families and financial support for emergency housing needs on request and through our weekly Community Kitchen we connect and build relationships with the disenfranchised and distressed. We partner with young adults group and teams from a recovery house to reach out to those in need. 

Community Service

Youth Engagement

Givlfe supports a number of youth engagement programs held in Queens Park area - 'Explosion' an annual games and disco event, emphasising the benefits of drug and alcohol free leisure for 11-17 year olds; January holiday camp exploring the natural environment and building self-esteem.



Givlife connects with local community at the Tuesday Community Kitchen to break down to isolation barriers caused by linguistic and cultural diversity. By sharing a tea or coffee and something to eat we build relationships that matter.

Community Support
Youth engagement


You can support Givlife Inc activities financially a tax Invoice issued immediately.

Over the Phone

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